Vodka Watermelon

Vodka watermelon aka alcoholic watermelon (watermelon infused with alcohol) is another fun and easy way to consume alcohol.  Today I’ll show you how simple and easy vodka watermelon can be!


Vodka Watermelon- Easy as ABC B.T.W.

Making vodka watermelon for a unique way to consume alcohol is dead simple.  Too many people think that its too much work. Others think it is too messy or (insert generic excuse).  Vodka watermelon isn’t any of those things, get off your butt and do something fun for that get together tonight!

All you need for a basic vodka watermelon is:

  • Booze- Vodka works great, the size can vary from flask to 750ml bottle size dependent on your vodka watermelon’s size and who all is going to consume alcohol at your event.
  • Time- About 30 minutes, though if it can sit longer the vodka will spread more evenly more often then not.
  • Watermelon- The amount of people you want to serve with your vodka watermelon will determine the size.

The preparation of your alcoholic watermelon can also be just as simple as the ingredients if that’s what you like:

  1. Cut a hole roughly the size of the bottle in the top of the watermelon(top when it is resting unassisted).
  2. Using the hole you cut, stab into the melon at varying angles to allow the vodka to diffuse more easily, careful not to puncture any other holes in the melon skin.
  3. After having removed any plastic stoppers and cap, slide the melon’s new hole over the bottle’s neck and turn upside down-allowing the alcohol to start filling the melon.  You may need to lean it against something. This depends on bottle size and balance of the alcoholic watermelon
  4. Now just wait. Once all alcohol has left the bottle you can remove it from the newly created vodka melon.  Either serve as is or allow the vodka to diffuse to your personal taste.  Generally 30 minutes to an hour is appropriate for full infusion.

Alcoholic watermelon is not some elaborate concoction that you have to slave over, quite the opposite.  If anything its more of a set it and forget it type of affair.  This is a great substitute when, for whatever reason, jungle juice just isn’t an option.

Alcoholic Vodka Watermelon Options

Don’t forget, like most things on this blog vodka watermelon is great to tinker and experiment with.  Try one of these twists on a party favorite:

  • Try a nice flavored vodka for a different taste, strawberry works great!
  • If it doesn’t need to be a strong “drink” try a lower alcohol content schnapps, as a bonus these come in a plethora of flavors
  • If watermelon isn’t available try different fruits! Cantaloupe is a great substitute to consume alcohol
  • Try new things, odds are if it sounds good to you it’ll taste good too!

Hopefully this has inspired you to go try your own vodka watermelon experiment.  Enjoy it, be creative and try to be reasonably safe.

Have fun,

Casey E.