The Pitcher Game

Also known as king’s cup, this game is probably the best substitute when you don’t have the time, energy, or cash to make your favorite jungle juice recipe.  Now, I am going to warn you ahead of time this game is sick- and extremely dangerous.  If someone says they can’t carry on, take their word for it. Otherwise your  best case scenario is that they will most likely puke in the middle of your party.  Yea I’ve seen it and it sucks.

First off you need a pitcher (obviously) and a deck of cards you don’t care about( they will be spilled on), plastic pitchers are best simply because they can very easily be dropped or knocked over by drunks.  Broken glass is a bitch to clean up.  If you don’t have a pitcher any large container that can be drank out of relatively easy will work, get creative(tupperware,big bowls,coffee pots,etc).  If you have more than four people you might want two containers.(Maybe what you serve your jungle juice recipe in normally?)

Set the pitcher in the middle of the table and spread the cards around it in a circle.  Decide who is the lucky soul to start the game, it really doesn’t matter.  This person will first “bet” how much alcohol they want to put in the “pot” (pitcher), generally try to stick to under 2 beers, shots,etc per turn. Jungle Juice Recipe After the bet has been placed you simply guess a number and a color(red or black).  If you guess one of the two correct then the it is the next person’s turn to bet and pick a  card.  Guess both right and you decide who drinks the pitcher.  If neither of your predictions pan out, tough luck-you get to drink up.   Remember each time someone bets they can put in any drink they want soda,hard liquor, beer, I’ve even had people pour in champagne! The more variety of drinks the more fun it is to see everyone suffer through the horrible concoctions.

That is the bare basics of how the game is played.  If someone is not a heavy and regular drinker they most likely won’t make it through a full game unless there’s a large game being played.  But that’s OK, it’s more about the rush of the guess and watching each other suffer through sometimes horrible flavors.  If you can’t go on any more it’s because you are far too hammered or your belly is too full, sit it out and let yourself get back to feeling OK.  Sip on some beer or perhaps some leftover jungle juice recipe.

Here are a few tips and twists you can add to change a game up:

  • If more than 4 people are playing then 2 pitchers will be a good idea.  Not everyone can jug a pitcher on command, and people will slow as the game wears on.  You could also do a rule if they get lapped they are beer bitch or are knocked out of the game.
  • If the circle of cards is broken have some kind of a penalty.  A shot of some kind or maybe shotgunning a beer.
  • If you do have some of your favorite jungle juice recipe on hand you could have a cup of that be the base for every pitcher
  • Anyone caught cheating can no longer make anyone else drink, they either get both right or they drink.  Being a lame duck in the game is terrifying.
  • If you forget to bet before picking a card the person that went before you can make your bet after you see if you drink or not.

The possibilities are endless, ask your party what sounds good that’s how most of this game has come to existence, long nights of too much drinking.  Remember this is a bit different than making a jungle juice recipe so stay safe and don’t pressure to over drink, you’ll do that on your own anyway.


– Jungle Juice Recipe           -Beer Pong Basics