Simple Jungle Juice Recipe

Simple jungle juice recipes should be one thing, simple!  K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) has worked well for a lot of people over the years and it can work well in this application too.There are plenty of complex and crazy ideas people have come up with on the subject of how to to make jungle juice, tons actually!  That’s great..most of the time.  But sometimes you are short on time or energy or both.  Sometimes all you really need is a simple jungle juice recipe.  Sometimes less really is more(effort not alcohol).

Simple Jungle Juice Recipe Ideas

Some people are perfectionists, if you’re drinking chocoholic drinks out of a cooler you probably are a bit less rigid. However sometimes its not
just perfectionism, sometimes it’s the intimidation factor, I’ve never done it/I don’t want to screw it up.  If any of those sound like you and you are reading this odds are you are short on time so……get over it! With that out of the way we can move on to the important stuff.

  • Trust Your GutIf it sounds good to you chances are it will be.  What this means is that your brain is wired to generally put together flavors that work well with each other. If your stomach thinks it will work trust it.
  • Test(Quickly)-If you have to give in a smidge to your perfectionist tendency you can test a small amount of whatever you are adding to your jungle juice recipe. Simply try a bit of your new ingredient with a cup of whatever you have for a base so far.  This helps you to keep from killing the whole batch and keep your simple jungle juice recipe moving forward.
  • Keep It Basic-This will be like playing baseball(AAA), hit all the bases and very little showboating. On deck is ice, you need some ice because warm jungle juice is gross. First base is grain alcohol or vodka, you know why.  Second is a fruit juice or two, not too many.  Third is actual fruits, they are great to add some flavors and are always loved by the hardcore party goers.Home plate is a fancy liquor or two, maybe some soda for carbonation.Simple Jungle Juice Recipe Girl

If you follow this strategy of a simple jungle juice recipe you will have a great night,  You can spend less time preparing, you will have less stress and you’ll know you have all the basics of a great drink covered.  Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it can’t be great.

Enjoy your simple jungle juice recipe,

-Casey E.