5 Reasons Jungle Juice Rocks So Hard

Jungle Juice is an awesome and amazing substance, we all know that.  But it goes far beyond just being any run of the mill alcoholic beverage.  Today I examine why each and every jungle juice recipe simply rocks so damn hard!


1. Drunk Factor-

Jungle juice gets you drunk, plain and simple. Now, I’m sure plenty of people think ” Well so does (insert other alcoholic drink),” which I can’t argue with. However this is the mother of all drunks. I’m talking “Dude where’d we get a goat?” drunk, it kicks ass and takes names.

2.The Jungle Juice (Tequila) Effect-

Clothes seem to fly off inbetween gulps, wether its incredibly sexy or hilarious beyond belief varies wildly. Either way, regardless if it turns steamy or eye scalding, stories abound and that’s what counts.

3. The Price is Right-

Throwing together a tasty batch of jungle juice is very easy to change based on cash flow. Rolling in the cash? Go buy all the liquor yourself and spring for a few higher quality liqours. On the flip side, say your hours just got cut, replace some of the tastier alcohols with vodka and extra juice. Heck, if the coffers are really low but you still need a party go for a potluck style brew…cheap and easy, god bless.

4. You can invite everyone-

Most people have a friend or friends who just doesn’t understand byob. Wether intentional or not it sucks, as a good friend you’ll usually spot them a few but we all know you want to tell em’ where the nearest quick- trip is. Not to mention no one ever seems to remember to “get ya back”, again life happens. But if this sounds like you, don’t despair get some jungle juice together. What better drink to serve to the masses of hardcore party animals and mooches than one made in 5 gallon jugs, bathtubs, and trash cans? Yea, I saw that lightbulb go off.

5. Leveling Up-

We’ve all experienced beer goggles. Sometimes they help you level up and score someone out of your league, other times you just think you did. Now imagine beer goggles on steroids, ya you just met jungle juice goggles, you’re welcome.