Hangover Recovery

Hangover Recovery

A Charlie Sheen esque night is worth a lot. Recovering from it is worth a lot more.  Sometimes the price you pay is in money, other times with drastic consequences, but more often then not, a high grade hangover is the cost of a wild night.

A hangover is a combination of alcohol withdrawal and dehydration.  Your body is pissed off that you’ve shoved it full of large amounts of alcohol,and then suddenly cut it off.  In addition those many bathroom runs last night have left you severely dehydrated.  This is why it’s recommended to try and drink some water between guzzling jungle juice recipes.  However this article is about recovery, not prevention.  Today I’ll tell you how to recover, and fast.

Starting Your Hangover Recovery

If you have a pounding headache, and you probably do, the quickest solution is a small amount of alcohol.  A common school of thought is that this only delays the effects of a hangover, this is a half truth.  Its similar to if you jumped out an airplane without a parachute, you will hit the ground(hangover).  With a parachute(a small drink) you are still going to hit the ground, but much slower and less severe.  Also the amount of alcohol needed to accomplish this is small, less than one beer/shot/margarita/whatever.  This allows your body to come down slowly as opposed to the sudden stop you generally put your body through after a night of drinking.  If you can’t stomach a shot or your favorite jungle juice recipe try a bloody mary, they are a bit easier to get down when trying to start your hangover recovery.

With a bit of alcohol back in your system your head should be pounding less and less, this is the perfect time to pump some good old H2O back into your system.  This will help keep your headache from re-surging later and aids your body in flushing out toxins accumulated from the debauchery of the past evening.  Once you feel confident that the water is going to stay put in your stomach its time to start adding something solid to the water sloshing around your belly.

Some decently greasy food will help calm your stomach and adsorb residual acid that’s leftover.  It has also been shown that the grease helps to block alcohol consumption.  Your nearby Ihop/Denny’s/local grease pit type place is a great spot to wolf down some stomach relieving hangover recovery grub.  Over ordering is encouraged because you will be hungry again surprisingly soon.

Its now time to retire to your favorite couch or comfy chair and finish your hangover recovery.  Settle in to catch up on your DVR or power watch your Netflix.  If you’re lucky you’ll drift off into a nice little hangover recovery nap to let your food digest.  When you wake you should be feeling far better than when you initially awoke after your crazy shenanigans.  Pat yourself on the back, you made it…again.