Beer Pong Basics

Where there is Jungle Juice, odds are good someone will be ponging. They simply go together perfectly. As such I thought it would be a good idea to throw the basics out there for newbs and down the line I’ll get some variations up for the old pros.

The game entails having two players or teams playing against each other on a ping pong table or any other available table. Each team or two player arranges six to ten cups filled with beer or vodka or jungle juice. The cups are normally arranged in a pyramid form. The main task in the game is for each player to attempt to bounce a pong into one of the beer cups on the opponent’s side of the table. When a player manages to through a pong into any of the cups on the opposing side of the table, one of the opponents is obliged to drink up the content in the cup. The game continues until one of the teams makes their opponents drink up all the cups on their side; thus emerging the winner.
The original beer pong game was played with paddles and it was invented by college students from Dartmouth College in the mid 1950s. The inventors of the game used an actual ping pong table equipped with its net and the cups were aligned in a pyramid form. It is also rumored that the orignal pong pros were frat boys, I know it’s shocking. The game later evolved and the players started using plain tables and their bare hands to throw the pong into the beer cups. In the 1970s, students from the Bucknell University modified the game and they came up with the throw pong game which later evolved to the current beer pong game.

The general rules of beer pong are universal but they are open to modification depending on the college or the place the game is being played. The players are allowed to either throw or bounce the beer pong into the opponent’s cups. Each team is only allowed to have one throw. In some places, if a player decides to bounce the pong, there is always an agreed number of bounces that the pong should make for a shot to be valid. When the cups start being emptied, the teams are supposed to re-rack them to make it easy for the opposing team to make shots. The remaining cups must always be arranged in a pyramid form.

The most exciting rule of beer pong is the rebuttal rule which allows the team whose cups are all drained to make shots on the opponents’ cups. This continues until both of them miss and they are required to proceed and drink the opponents’ remaining beer. There is also the rule that if a two shots are made on one cup before the other team drinks the beer in it, that team loses; therefore, each team is forced to drink up the beer immediately a shot is made.

If the pong is thrown and it circles the rim of the cup, the opponents are free to knock it off before it gets into their cup. Spilling of the beer on any team side is legal in the game since it’s a score for the opponents. If during the application of the rebuttal rule the team given a chance manages to eliminate all the beer cups from the opponents’ side, three extra cups are arranged for each team for an overtime play to find the winner. These are the general beer pong rules that are either fully applied whenever the game is played or slightly altered depending on the availability of the equipment or the preferences of the players.

Have fun and keep the party goin!