Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice and grilling..it just works

Who am I? I’m Casey.  Why am I here?  To help each and every one of you with the subject of how to make jungle juice! (And the inevitable debauchery that goes with it!!)  I hate to burst your bubble if you thought I had some deep, meaningful answer but I think a simple, honest answer is much easier….we all like jungle juice!

 That’s why you’re here.  You want top notch ideas and junlge juice recipes without the work, that trial and error produces! No one wants a party to flop and no one should have to hae a dud on their hands!  Learn from my years of experience and mistakes (there’s been a lot).  I want you to be able to simply  get online pick a few recipes, maybe a party idea or two and be able to throw a rager without worrying: Will this work? Is my jungle jucie going to taste like jockstrap?  Will people get bored?  Have I thought of every angle?

Thanks for visting, always feel free to contact me with ideas, problems, concerns or just to drop a line.


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