How to Make Jungle Juice

How to Make Jungle Juice

Jungle juice is an improvised mixture of liquor normally served for group consumption. Liquors utilized include vodka, tequila, ever clear, rum or gin. Nearly any fruit juice blend is acceptable, although pineapple, apple and orange seem to be staples. You can include many fruits as well to be consumed after absorbing alcohol. Alcohol and fruits are to be mixed the day before the party, while non alcoholic liquids should be added on the d-day so that the fruits can soak up the alcohol. If you plan on throwing a party then here is a list of jungle juice recipes that you can try.

How to make jungle juice

How to make jungle juice | strawberry watermelon


Strawberry watermelon jungle juice


1 L Ever clear

1 watermelon

1- 750 ml of Strawberry Schnapps

2- 750 ml of Watermelon Schnapps

3- 6 qt of Strawberry Lemonade Mix

1 lb strawberries

Method of preparation

  1. In a large bowl, mix ever clear and schnapps together. Slice the watermelon into chunks and add it to the alcohol together with the strawberries. Stir until they are fully combined.
  2. Give the fruit time to soak in the mixture for about 3-5 hours. The more time it soaks the more liquor it absorbs.
  3. Make the lemonade mixture. Combine the strawberry lemonade mix with an amount of water as directed on the package.
  4. Stir the ingredients together. After making the lemonade mixture and soaking the fruit, pour this mixture into the vodka-watermelon mixture then thoroughly stir to combine all the ingredients together. For best flavor, allow this mixture to sit overnight, ensuring it is kept in a cool area.
  5. You can alternatively put everything together on the day of the bash and still get the same flavor only that the fruit will be less alcohol-filled.
  6. Serve in solo cups or clear plastic cups using a large ladle

Cherry rum jungle juice


1 L vodka

750 ml Bacardi 151

2- 6 qt Containers of Cherry Kool-Aid

1.75 L Malibu Rum

2- 6 qt Containers of Lemonade Mix

Method of preparation

  1. Add ice in a bowl then add the fruit
  2. Add the lemonade mix then your gin, vodka, Bacardi 151 and rum and stir well.
  3. Allow at least 4 to 6 hours soaking and mixing, overnight is even better.
  4. Pour into a glass with ice.


Orange Jungle Juice


25oz [4750 ml] bottles vodka

25oz bottles white rum

46oz [2 1.4 l] cans fruit punch

2 gallons Sunkist

3.8 L [4 quarts] pink lemonade

4 diced lemons

4 diced oranges

330g [2 cups] pineapple chunks

L pineapple and orange juice blend

Method of preparation

  1. Cut the lemons, pineapples and oranges. Dice 4 lemons, 2 cups of 330g pineapple and 4 oranges.
  2. Mix all the liquid ingredients, including the vodka, Sunkist, rum and other liquids in a large bowl until they are fully combined.
  3. In the same bowl, soak the diced fruit for 3-4 hours.
  4. After they have soaked, stir them around for a bit longer.
  5. Serve in clear plastic cups using a ladle.

Lemonade Jungle Juice


2 bottles grain vodka

2 cans ginger ale

3 diced lemons

3 cups (.23 L) ice

4 cans of country time pink lemonade mixture

Method of preparation

  1. Cut 3 lemons into thin slices to be used for flavoring the lemonade mix.
  2. Make the pink lemonade by mixing 4 cans of the country time pink lemonade mixture with the right amount of water according to the instructions.
  3. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients together. Mix together the lemonade mix, lemons, 3 cups [.23 litres] ice and 2 cans ginger ale until the ingredients are fully combined
  4. Serve in solo cups or clear plastic cups using a large ladle.

More methods of how to make jungle juice

Jungle juice with ever clear

Ever clear is basically high-proof (160-190) corn vodka utilized in this application mainly to increase alcoholic content. If ever clear is undesirable or unavailable, it can be replaced with 151 rum or common vodka.


1L Everclear grain alcohol

5.25L (3 1.75L bottles) vodka

1 bottle peach schnapps

1 bottle Apple schnapps

1 pint Bacardi rum 151

1 bottle 99 Apples and apple schnapps

1L triple sec

1.75L bottle gin

10L Sprite lemon-lime soda

1L of Sunny Delight orange juice

4 bottles red wine

8L Lemonade and Fruit Punch

2 cans of orange juice concentrate

Fruit, diced or sliced (as desired)

Method of preparation

  1. Use a large container, minimum of 10 gallon/40L capacity with a secure-fitting lid.
  2. Put fruits into the container
  3. Add ever clear, 151, schnapps, vodka, gin and triple sec to the container.
  4. Allow it 4-12 hours for the fruit to soak well in the alcohol.
  5. Add sunny delight, lemonade/fruit punch and juice concentrate.
  6. Let it sit overnight in a cool place
  7. Add chilled wine then stir
  8. Add chilled-lime soda prior to serving and stir gently to combine.
  9. Pour into cups with a little bit of fruit using a long-handled ladle

Instead of directly adding soda to the container, you can alternatively fill the serving cups with half-full jungle juice and fruit then top off with chilled soda just before serving to avoid flat soda as your day progresses.

Margarita jungle juice | How to make jungle juice


14 Bottles Tequila

2 Mini Watermelons

20 Limes

6 Oranges

5 Mangos

2 Pineapples

4 Bottles Triple Sec

4 Bottles Peach Schnapps

1 Bottle Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

4 Gallons Orange Juice

6 Bottles Pineapple Juice

NOTE that you can adjust the base according to the number of people at the party. This mixture is for 20 or more heads.

Method of preparation

  1. Slice the fruits and put them into a punch bowl or big container.
  2. Add all the alcoholic beverages. For a better flavor, give the mixture a couple of hours for the fruits and alcohol to infuse.
  3. Pour in the juices
  4. Serve in ice filled glasses.

Jungle juice is a heavily alcoholic drink that is a specialty for college students. If you plan to make this juice at your party, ensure that you as well as the people you intend to serve are committed to responsible drinking. Remember just a cup of this delightful drink can make your night wild and crazy. How to make jungle juice is definitely a skill that will come in handy when entertaining friends and the variety will definitely provide great choice.